Ash Inspires Learners in Swindon

July 8, 2016

Active Plus lead instructor Ash Gordon was the keynote speaker at the Swindon Adult Community Learning Awards held today at STEAM, the Museum of the Great Western Railway.

Ash shared a personal insight into his own learning journey, explaining how “Learning has saved my life.  Over the past 4 years I have learnt that when faced with a problem you can do one of two things – you can either become an expert in the problem or an expert in the solution; both options come down to what we choose to focus on.  Working with Active Plus taught me to take responsibility for my life and to not be limited by either my own thoughts or those of others”.

Ash talked about the importance of communication, inspiration and perseverance, seeing learning as a journey with no final destination, where you keep moving forward and seek out new opportunities to grow and develop.

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