Building confidence and motivation in lockdown – Positive People

February 16, 2021

Samuel W:

Sam has just completed our latest virtual confidence and motivation course. Sam (20) is a young person and has overcome a number of challenges during his early years. Although he found school problematic he has looked at different ways to help him on his journey of life. He has always lived in Cornwall and comes from a large family. Sam graduated from our course on Thursday 11th February and gained plenty from it. The course showed him he is not the only person in the same position as him. He has improved his communication, social and confidence skills over the four sessions. This has been a great success as he has recently applied to join the British Army. While he is waiting for his interviews and medical examinations, Sam has been referred to our partners Pentreath and Cornwall Marine Network in order to finish off his CV and get ready for interviews.

My skills have really improved by attending these sessions. It has given me the boost I needed in order to apply to join the British Army”.

Helen A:

Helen began course very nervous and apprehensive. She has suffered pain over the years and this really knocked her confidence. As the course moved forward, Helen began to talk more and open up with her story. It has given her the ability to improve her IT skills and meet new people. She is looking to gain a qualification in counselling and will begin this process after work with Cornwall Marine Network. As Helen is really motivated and wants to succeed, she has already looked into potential courses which can accommodate her. Helen has thoroughly enjoyed the Active Plus course and she is determined to succeed with her plans.

“I feel better within myself, more motivated, self-esteem has improved and my IT levels are better”.