Military Veteran – Andrew’s Story

January 20, 2021

After 24 years active military service, finding secure employment can at times be a challenge, especially in Cornwall.  I was lucky upon leaving the Army in 2013 to find work immediately which was safe, secure and permanent until due to structural changes, my then role was reviewed and I was unexpectedly made redundant in 2019 which really knocked my self-esteem, confidence and trust in others. 


Enter Active Plus.  I was signposted to Active Plus by a friend who knew Tim and after reaching out set up a meeting with Danny at a local supermarket café.  I thought Active Plus sounded like somewhere I could fit in and although there were no vacancies at the time we kept in touch and I kept an eye on the webpage . When a role was published, I applied, was successful and took up a role as a Performance and Quality Manager in July 2019.


Active Plus gave me that opportunity to pause, balance, reset and regain that self-esteem.  I have again rediscovered those service values that defined my career – Loyalty, Integrity, Trust, Respect for Others, Courage and Selfless Commitment.  I was back in a team, regained that lost confidence and self-belief.


Having previously had job security for so long, I was always warry of taking a contract with an end date.  However this has been a catalyst for me to cast my net, knowing not to get too settled and to explore opportunities.  Such an opportunity did arise for a new and exciting permanent position within the MOD and I will take up this position in January 2021.


I am in no doubt that Active Plus created the environment which provided me with the support, space and springboard to go onto bigger things and for that I am grateful.