Military Veterans : Ash’s Story

September 3, 2015

Ashley Gordon from Weymouth in Dorset served with the 1st Rifles and completed 2 tours of Iraq before leaving the Army in 2008.  He was subsequently diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and received counselling support from Combat Stress. Ash started with Active Plus as a volunteer in 2012, a somewhat shy and withdrawn individual. Ash fully embraced the Active Plus ethos of helping yourself through helping others. His work inspired him to commit to his own personal development, supported by Active Plus and the Poppy Factory.

In June 2014 Ash achieved a level 3 City & Guilds award in Education & Training from Weymouth College.  In October 2014 he completed a practitioner course in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) with Mind Training Systems and became a NLP Master Practitioner in September 2015. He is now employed full-time lead instructor with Active Plus and is a very confident, outgoing individual and a great role model for others. You can watch Ash’s video here

We are not the only ones to be proud of Ash, his mum, Cynthia wrote to us saying:

“… Since Ashley started working with Active Plus I have seen a great, positive change in Ashley’s personal development. Initially Ashley worked on a voluntary basis and even then he embraced the concept of what you were doing with passion and enthusiasm. Working as a volunteer certainly gave him a sound foundation to move forward.

With your support and encouragement I witnessed Ashley beginning to spread his wings; tentatively at first and, because he was sure of the support of the Active Plus team and he could see people’s lives being changed as they accepted and worked with the concepts of self change and a positive outlook, Ashley grew himself using the same methods of development.

When he became employed by Active Plus he was again given the incentives and challenges to go even further. With the skills and experiences of working with so many different people it has given Ashley the confidence and the ability to broaden his own horizon and venture down the path of his own personal development. The NLP, Hypnotherapy and Time Line Therapy courses that he has recently completed have added more tools to his toolbox.

He has a natural empathy and his genuine wanting to help people to achieve their goals and aspirations is a major driving force for Ashley. Who better to inspire people who find themselves unable to see their personal potential than for someone who has walked the same walk himself and can prove from his own example that you can achieve whatever you want to in life if you’re willing to work at it?

Ashley’s determination to succeed in everything he does and, what’s more, his determination to help and encourage more people to do the same has shaped him into the lovely young man he is today. He is honest, compassionate and courageous in everything he does and has so many other goals on his list. I am so unbelievably proud of my wonderful son.”