Military Veterans : John Bartram’s story

September 26, 2015

John Bartram from Bratton in Wiltshire has been volunteering with Active Plus since October 2013, after being introduced to us by Combat Stress.  He is a retired RAF navigator with over 32 years service in various locations around the world, undertaking a wide range of roles including operations, airfield management, recruitment and training.

John has gained considerable experience as a senior manager and instructor from the RAF, as well as well as his subsequent employment. He has instructed on numerous training courses and been a speaker at various national and international conferences.  John is very passionate about his role with Active Plus, explaining “I feel that I am utilising a lot of skills I gained in the RAF and doing something really worthwhile”.

“I like the fact that we give our time and effort unconditionally, not judging people and treating them all as individuals. A lot of our clients have lost their way and it is so rewarding to help them realise they do have potential and can improve their lives”.

“Working with Active Plus is emotionally very rewarding and it does me good to focus on something other than myself.  I believe that Active Plus is an incredible organisation and am proud to work with such a fantastic group of men and women”.