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March 7, 2022

Active Plus ~ Confidence & Motivation Course

“I did this course back in November of 2021, the course ran consecutively for 6 sessions. I found out about this course through JCP Liskeard; my work-coach Simon had suggested to me.

I was at a part in my life, where my confidence had taken a massive knock; my whole employment life since age 18 I have found myself in & out of jobs!

I cannot stress how much this course has personally helped me not only in regaining back my confidence but it has also helped better my motivation.

Both Dave & Gary delivered an amazing course, both through support & encouragement but also their expertise! I feel I have grown so much as a person & I have a new passion for bettering myself!

I have always wanted a career & now I have the self-confidence & self-belief behind me I am now on the beginning of my journey to become a dental nurse.

I have been offered a job as a dental receptionist to begin with & start undergoing training for student dental nurse November this year.

My dream goal is to eventually become an orthodontic therapist. I am absolutely 100% confident I will get there.

Thank you to everyone who runs this course & makes it happen! Hand on heart you have helped me turn my life around; I would recommend this course to everyone! You are never too old to challenge yourself!”