Wellbeing: Alison’s Story

April 13, 2016

I attended an Active Plus Wellbeing course in Corsham, Wiltshire at the start of 2016. I had been suffering from depression and had a breakdown having burnt out through working long hours in a role where the values conflicted with my own personal principles. The practice manager at my doctor’s surgery gave me the contact details for Active Plus and I enrolled.

I would look forward to each session and really benefited from the structure which was very flexible so that each participant’s needs were met each week. I learnt so much about myself, how I functioned, not very effectively to start with, but also what I could do differently next time.

There was a quote in one of the sessions saying “Successful people have the habit of doing the things that people who fail don’t like to do. They don’t necessarily like doing them either but their dislike is subordinated to the strength of their purpose”.   I pondered on that and it really helped me change my way of looking at what I was avoiding doing. I took small steps to start doing things I had been avoiding or felt resentful about doing and it was like a miracle.  I seemed to have more energy; I could do more and then even went on to do the things I really wanted to do!

After a session about goal setting I spent some time thinking about my next steps and it helped me to focus on those things that I am interested in and can make a small income from doing. I have started to make and sell small items I have made from wool and yarn. I knit and crochet small cuddly toys, make bags and blankets and last week whilst volunteering at the local wood recycling centre I assembled my first Fairy House made from twigs and slices of leylandi wood.

At the start of a session the course leader would ask me how my week had gone and he would give me feedback on how I seemed. It was great one week when he commented that I seemed to glow – just like the character on the old advertisement for Readybrek!

Active Plus Wellbeing has opened doors for me, allowed me to grow in confidence, cope with disappointment and things not going exactly how I want them to, and has given me a structure and principles for leading my life going forward – one day at a time.

Thank you very much.