Wellbeing: Joy and Tula’s Story

February 5, 2016

Mother and daughter team, Joy and Tula attended our Carers’ Course, in Salisbury in January 2016. Both have caring responsibilities, Tula for her Mum and Dad and Joy for her husband (Tula’s Father). The course gave both women the opportunity to develop skills to help them cope with daily challenges. More than this, it created a safe environment for them to explore their relationship and to understand each other better.

Through participating in our “7 Steps to Success” sessions, Joy realised that for most of her life she had been reacting to situations rather than taking control of them. She resolved to develop a more proactive, can-do attitude. Just two weeks into the course, Joy amazed Tula by dealing with an emergency situation, only calling Tula to report the successful outcome, where previously her first response would have been to ask Tula for help. When relaying this story, Tula said she was absolutely stunned by her Mothers proactive response. Tula also realised that her own wellbeing was important and that prioritising her own needs benefited the whole family. Tula said:

“After so many years of being a carer, I feel like I’ve become a daughter again,”