Wellbeing: Tara’s Story

May 17, 2016

My life changed in 2011. My son was born and he made my life complete as I now had what I always wanted (my little girl, who was almost 3 and now a son). Shortly after his birth and a difficult pregnancy it became apparent he was dairy intolerant and became unwell.  I had a nasty fall, a car accident and my husband left me for another woman, all before he was a year old. His first birthday was a sad event, followed by my dad having a heart attack.

Leading on from that, my daughter struggled with her emotions and I was having problems in all areas of my life, which impacted on my career as a nurse; something I had worked hard to gain and had always enjoyed.  I kept asking myself, “Why was it at this stage that I couldn’t completely focus on the one thing I had loved”?  Monitoring started at work and the pressure was on me in many areas. Going through a divorce and my mum ending up in hospital due to being reversed into as a pedestrian, I found myself off sick due to severe anxiety and consequently I lost my job due to ill health.

Just when I thought life couldn’t get any worse, my lifelong best friend was involved in a major road accident and sustained multiple injuries. Every day seemed a struggle and I felt I was on autopilot, making sure that every day my children were a reason to get up and face the world.

The last three years has been a road to recovery.  My children are growing up and my youngest has started school.  December 2015 was the beginning of getting my career back as I had to attend an employment hearing for the last battle of my journey so far. The hearing got adjourned until March 2016 due to a lack of documents.

I approached Taunton Job Centre and was lucky enough to talk to Fiona Penny as my advisor. After explaining my anxieties about the employment hearing and my return to work, she advised me to attend an Active Plus Condition Management course for support. It sounded just what I needed to re-gain my confidence,and it was!

I found the Condition Management course to be very informative, empowering and positive.  Ashley Gordon who led the course was inspiring with his personal story and also how he portrayed certain situations and coping mechanisms.  All aspects of the course and support from other speakers were well thought out and I even found with my nursing background that I was able to offer some advice as well.

During the last session we all had the opportunity for a 45 minute consultation to discuss our situation and any areas where further help could be offered. Two lovely guys were very helpful in making notes for me to take away as advice on how to move forward pending the outcome of the hearing.  Mr Steve Turner MD of Care Right Now saw potential in me that day and I have since joined his team in an advisory capacity.

Since completing the Active Plus Condition Management course I have attended my employment hearing and got my nursing registration back, so life is just beginning again for me. Doors are opening and I am going to walk through them less scared than I was before the course.

I am nervous but far more positive about the future. I have learnt that I am a strong person but the course has also given me the tools to face days when I feel weak.

I now hope I can help others with my experiences and knowledge base.  Thank you Active Plus for all your support.