Who Dares Works: Anthony Dodd

November 30, 2020

Anthony Dodd joined the Who Dares Works project in February 2020. His goals were to move into a volunteering role before moving into employment. Just nine months later, and during the period of lockdown, he achieved his goal and is now volunteering at CHAOS Farm and is starting a land-based course.

As Anthony begins his new path, we caught up with him to see how he found his time on the project.

Why did you join Who Dares Works?

I joined Who Dares Works because I needed to challenge myself. Plus, I had no self-esteem and no purpose in life.

What were your first impressions?

They were very understanding and caring. They were always there if you needed to chat.

Did you have any expectations?

I wanted to try and improve my mental health, which it has done!

Did you want to run away?

Yes, at first, because I found it very overwhelming and too good to be true. Majella (my mentor) reassured me.

How did you get on with the other members on the project?

I got on with them all really well. I have made some new friends who I keep in contact with.

The people that helped me the most were Stan, Blakey (both from Rebuild South West, delivering the Who Dares Builds course) and Majella. They are all inspirational and I hold them to the highest value. Without them, I don’t know where I would be today.

Did you receive any additional help?

Yes, David Francis (from We Are With You), who helped me set up my CV. Also, Kylie Williams (from CHAOS, delivering the Who Dares Cares course) who has helped me to get into volunteering and training. Thank you to them both!

Where there any lightbulb moments?

Yes, I was surprised when I was left to get on with a task and I was able to complete it by myself!

My time with Who Dares Works was amazing. The experience has made my life 10 times better – I am now more confident and at ease with myself. I feel ready to move on and I have no negative thoughts anymore.

My next step is to go into animal education and hopefully have a full-time job at the end of it.