Who Dares Works: Emma Allen

December 10, 2020

Emma joined Who Dares Works after being referred by her then Mentor on a different project. Her mentor felt that, at the time, the project would help her anxiety and other physical and mental health issues.

Before joining the project, Emma had no expectations. She found the staff to be friendly and did not feel forced to attend anything if she really didn’t want to, especially as she was suffering from quite high anxiety, especially when it came to being in large groups.

“I was isolated, I would only leave the house for school drop offs and pick-ups. My anxiety and sensitivity to noise prevented me from mixing in any form of social group.”

Through the project, Emma learned how to push herself a little bit, but not so much that it would be overwhelming to her. She was able to focus on her mental health and enjoyed the set activities.

Since finishing with the Project, Emma has been able to extend her learning by enrolling on some online courses, become more comfortable in small social groups and has the tools to move forward.

“Although at times I found it hard, I am proud to have overcome some of the barriers that I had.”

Emma now volunteers for the ‘Your Voice’ mental health organisation, having seen it advertised on Facebook and approached the group to offer her help. For the charity, she has arranged a successful mediumship event and has and continues to support fortnightly evening meetings, aimed at supporting women’s mental health. Emma has a passion for jewellery making and has begun creating bracelets to help raise money for the charity.

She has since completed online courses in Mental Health, including in Children and Young People and uses her own experiences and tools to help others. From this, Emma enrolled in an online Psychology course which she had been aspiring to do for a while. She completed this course with 1 pass, 1 merit and 18 distinctions!

Your Voice has now been registered as a Community Interest Company. To help Emma with social isolation and gain more funds for the CIC, she has continued to fundraise throughout Lockdown 1 and 2, creating more bracelets to sell and bringing awareness to ‘Your Voice’.

You can find out more about the Your Voice Charity here: