Who Dares Works: Nathan Sully

December 4, 2019

Question and Answer with ex-participant: Nathan Sully

(on the left in the photo)

Why did you join Who Dares Works?

I first joined Who Dares Works as a recommendation by my Addaction worker. I knew I needed to start doing things differently but wasn’t really sure how. I’d heard about the activities course helping to build confidence and hoped it would help with my anxiety.

What were your first impressions?

I felt a bit overwhelmed to be honest but once that began to subside, I felt very comfortable. It was nice to be surrounded by so many positive and friendly people.

Did you want to run away?

I think everyone wants to run away from situations that they’re not used to but that feeling encouraged me to adapt. Those initial changes eventually became normal and was part of my growth.

Did you have any expectations?

I expected to hate it but that soon changed. With a bit of support from the delivery team and mentors I began to believe it was possible to actually move forward and even achieve something.

How did you get on with the other participants?

The other participants were awesome. I think the Who Dares Works team and the activities create an environment that brings out people’s supportive nature. It was also important to be non-judgemental as everyone was dealing with something.

Who or what helped the most?

It would be hard to say as it was such a big experience which was made up of lots of little experiences. Generally, it was the staff and participants who made a massive difference and it was nice to have people around who had so much faith in me.

Did you receive any specialist support?

I was lucky enough to get a job as a peer support worker with Who Dares Works, so all the support and training I received was pretty specialised. I found ways to resolve a lot of the issues I was dealing with, through looking at what other people were going through. I think if you want something enough you can find ways of coping with mental health or addiction, especially when you’re in such a supportive environment. Having a purpose again was also a real boost.

Were there any light bulb moments?

Too many to document, though I read somewhere the other day that it is impossible to light the way for someone else without a part of that light shining on you. I guess that explains my experience with Who Dares Works. Happiness is found in making others happy. There are lots of reasons to be positive if you are with the right people.

How would you describe your time with Who Dares Works?

Life changing.

Has the experience changed you?


Do you feel ready to move on?

Yes, because I’ve got so much to look forward to and no, just because I will miss the people.

What happens next?

A new way of life. I hope through education and work that eventually I can do something worthwhile. I recently started a degree with Plymouth University, at the Cornwall College campus in Camborne. I’m studying social sciences – a combination of psychology and sociology applied in a professional setting. I’m also working part-time at Growing Links – an organic food garden in Penzance, which was set up to tackle food poverty in the community by supporting vulnerable groups of people, including the homeless.

Another ambition is to get involved in drugs and alcohol recovery work, as well as projects that benefit the environment. I’m a big lover of sport too, so I guess my ultimate goal would be to find a way of combining everything I just mentioned in a way that helps others to get back on their feet. There are so many good causes around these days and once I’m qualified hopefully there will be even more ways in which I can make a difference.

Away from work, I dream of seeing the world, so overall the future looks bright and busy.