“Active Plus veterans are fantastic role models and inspire the students through a disciplined structure of teamwork and communication activities”

David McDonald, Helston Community College

Young People

Active Plus works in schools supporting young people to build confidence, teamwork and leadership skills. We are skilled at helping young people who are vulnerable or at risk of not achieving their true potential. They may have been bullied or been a bully themselves, or may struggle to fit in with the crowd.

Our military veterans recognise the pressures of being in an environment that can foster fear, anger or shame. Using practical and interactive activities, they give young people the tools to empathise, manage their issues, understand and redirect their behaviour. Using de-escalation techniques and military drills, our courses challenge young people to re-evaluate their situation and gain the confidence they need to get the most from their education.

We visited St Joseph’s School is Salisbury, working with year 7 pupils to grow confidence and develop teamwork and communication skills. Below is the article that appeared in the School Magazine

St Joseph’s students get a visit from an inspirational group of veterans to learn the value of teamwork!

On the 20th and 21st July 2015 all Year 7’s were very fortunate to be given the opportunity to be involved in some team building activities with a remarkable company called Active Plus. They are veterans who have overcome adversities in their lives who now work with people in our communities to develop: confidence, resilience, motivation and team work skills to name just a few. They were established in 2011 and deliver unique and tailor made programmes which are truly inspiring.

Head teacher Mrs Ridley said:

“I would personally like to thank all of the Active Plus team for the immense amount of work they put into making the days so special. A chance meeting at a British Legion event has developed into a very exciting opportunity for all pupils at St Joseph’s Catholic School.

 All of the pupils have benefited greatly from the activities and I would, without hesitation, recommend other head teachers to invite them to work with any age group. I have definitely seen a huge difference in their attitudes towards each other and in setting their own personal goals – but most importantly, not ‘giving up’ when challenges present themselves. Resilience is a key skill that we try to develop in our young people to enable them to lead enjoyable and successful lives.

I am looking forward to continuing our working relationship with Active Plus this academic year”


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When questioned about the day, many Year 7’s commented on how much they had enjoyed the experience and how they felt the activities had developed their own life skills.

“It has helped me to understand the importance of teamwork”  Ronan

“I am now more aware of how important communication and listening are”  Amelia

“I have a better understanding of how to work as a team and how to share my ideas”  James

“It has made a difference in the way I feel, I have learnt to work with different people and to be more patient”  Grace

“I feel a lot more positive towards others”  Charlotte

“This has been so much fun! It has helped me to develop my teamwork skills and has allowed me to work with other people. Today has also helped my listening skills, even though I’m already a good listener”  Maisie

“I really learnt a lot today but I now just need to put what I have learnt into practice”  Alfie

After today I feel like I can push myself a lot more and I have learnt that we can only learn from our mistakes. I loved today – Thank You        Abbey

“I really enjoyed today, it was fun and challenging. The activities were thought provoking as they encouraged me to think outside the box”       Joseph

“The day was amazing – I loved it!”  Thomas