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Aged Veterans: Bill’s Story

Bill’s Korea Moves Korea. North and South hardly out of the news these days and maybe one day it will be one Korea again. Maybe. Seventy years ago we had just kissed one war goodbye but another raged in that troubled peninsula only to be replaced by another in another close by a decade later…. Read more »

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Aged Veterans: Wally’s Story

Here’s Wally! Wally is 77 and has lived in this attractive and very comfortable block of Sunley Orford apartments with his wife for the past 9 years – and loved every moment of downtown Truro after a lifetime in downtown Liverpool. Like many, some of Wally’s family came down to Cornwall first, he got to… Read more »

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Military Veterans : Paul H’s Story

Paul had a successful career in the Navy and served on the Sir Galahad in the Falkland conflict. On leaving, he worked as a manager with a number of large organisations including Orange. After a drawn out illness Paul started having flashbacks and was diagnosed with PTSD. This led to Paul isolating himself from everyone… Read more »


Military Veterans : Ash’s Story

Ashley Gordon from Weymouth in Dorset served with the 1st Rifles and completed 2 tours of Iraq before leaving the Army in 2008.  He was subsequently diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and received counselling support from Combat Stress. Ash started with Active Plus as a volunteer in 2012, a somewhat shy and withdrawn individual…. Read more »


Military Veterans : Chris’ Story

Following a period of Active Service including operations in Northern Ireland and Bosnia, Chris left the Army in 1996. His service was noteworthy in many respects including some classified operations as well as some harrowing experiences as a medic during combat in Bosnia. His transition to civilian life was not smooth; he had difficulty in… Read more »

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Military Veterans: Road To Work

“I have just completed the Road to Work Course in Exeter with Active Plus. Before this course my life felt like it was coming to an end, I was in a very bad place. I joined the armed forces in 2006 where I spent four years in 1RTR Tank Regiment. Life in the army wasn’t particularly… Read more »


Military Veterans : Pete’s Story

When Pete Botheras was medically discharged from the RAF in 2010 with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder he was devastated, “I felt like I had been thrown on the scrapheap. I thought my life was over. I felt worthless and useless. I couldn’t see any way forward”. Pete tried a few jobs after finishing his military… Read more »

Pete Townsend

Military Veterans: Pete Townsend’s Story

When first referred to Active Plus, Army veteran Pete had a number of physical injuries and health problems. He was unemployed, depressed and, to a certain extent, isolated.  He started volunteering with Active Plus in May 2013 and has since joined the team as a part-time employee. Pete lives in Shaftesbury, Dorset but has worked… Read more »

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Military Veterans : John Bartram’s story

John Bartram from Bratton in Wiltshire has been volunteering with Active Plus since October 2013, after being introduced to us by Combat Stress.  He is a retired RAF navigator with over 32 years service in various locations around the world, undertaking a wide range of roles including operations, airfield management, recruitment and training. John has… Read more »

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Military Veterans : Paul B’s Story

Paul served with the Rifles for 9 years. He was severely injured by a roadside bomb which led to his medical discharge. After a period of rehabilitation, Paul found it hard to find employment, the jobs he tried were not always suitable and he struggled with the transition, becoming very aggressive and angry with everything…. Read more »

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Military Veterans : Ed’s Story

Ed started work for Active Plus in June 2013, his first job after being medically discharged from the RAF in May 2011. The intervening years proved very difficult for him. “Leaving the military left me quite depressed. I was Medically Discharged with a nerve related injury which meant I suffered debilitating pain and I had… Read more »

Tara James

Wellbeing: Tara’s Story

My life changed in 2011. My son was born and he made my life complete as I now had what I always wanted (my little girl, who was almost 3 and now a son). Shortly after his birth and a difficult pregnancy it became apparent he was dairy intolerant and became unwell.  I had a… Read more »

Michael Martin

Back to Work: Michael’s Positive People Story

Michael joined the Coast to Coast Positive People Project in December 2017. He was living in the Foyer in Truro and joined the project through an Active Plus motivation and confidence building course at Truro Library.  Michael had been out of work for over a year and his confidence was really low, so he joined… Read more »


Back to Work : Laura’s Story

Laura Wood, from St Ives, was the only female to take part in the Active Plus Local project in Penzance. Suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder she was referred onto the course by Jobcentre Plus. Active Plus Local was funded through the Jobcentre Plus Flexible Support Fund and led by Active Plus in partnership with… Read more »

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Back to Work : Becki and Chris’ Story

Beki Brown, who grew up in Mawnan Smith, near Falmouth, met Chris Wheeler while studying for an engineering degree at Brunel University, London. Beki did not complete the degree for medical reasons and, two years ago, the pair moved to Cornwall. When Beki’s job as a domestic at the Royal Cornwall Hospital ended they were… Read more »

Sophie Perkins

Wellbeing : Sophie’s Story

Sophie Perkins had what she describes as a life changing experience when she attended an Active Plus Wellbeing course in Calne, Wiltshire during February and March 2015.  Sophie had suffered a serious head injury at the beginning of 2014 and received over 12 months of specialist support from neurologists and physiotherapists; although she had made… Read more »

Alison Eagles

Wellbeing: Alison’s Story

I attended an Active Plus Wellbeing course in Corsham, Wiltshire at the start of 2016. I had been suffering from depression and had a breakdown having burnt out through working long hours in a role where the values conflicted with my own personal principles. The practice manager at my doctor’s surgery gave me the contact… Read more »

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Back to Work : Linn’s Story

Linn wanted to tell her story in her own words “because everyone needs to know how great Active Plus is!” My story begins in November 2013, I was working full time earning minimum wage and not exactly enjoying the job, my boss was not a very nice person to work with,  believing that if you… Read more »

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Back to Work : John Bambrough’s Story

Following a long term mental health issue I returned to the job market in 2013.  I was disillusioned to discover that, at 55 years old, all my qualifications were out of date, my age was against me and my options were limited. This, coupled with ever increasing financial pressures, left me feeling helpless and surplus… Read more »

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Wellbeing : Natalie’s Story

Natalie Marshall says that working with Active changed her attitude and made her believe that all things are possible.  She attended our first Wellbeing course in Tidworth, Wiltshire during the summer of 2014 suffering from depression and loss of self esteem following major surgery. Natalie was taking a lot of anti-depressants, painkillers and antibiotics as… Read more »

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Back to Work: Geoff’s Story

Geoff Long from Melksham, Wiltshire completed an Active Plus Wellbeing course where he set himself a goal of getting back to work before the end of April 2016. Geoff, himself an injured military veteran also signed up to the Active Plus volunteer pathway and helped out on our courses Geoff said, “Completing the Active Plus… Read more »

Joy and Tula

Wellbeing: Joy and Tula’s Story

Mother and daughter team, Joy and Tula attended our Carers’ Course, in Salisbury in January 2016. Both have caring responsibilities, Tula for her Mum and Dad and Joy for her husband (Tula’s Father). The course gave both women the opportunity to develop skills to help them cope with daily challenges. More than this, it created… Read more »