“I am more confident and see more of a future for myself. Now I focus on what I can do, not what I can’t do”

Sarah Nicholls, Active Plus participant, Wiltshire

Your Wellbeing

Active Plus military veterans work alongside experts in self-care, diet and medicine to equip people to manage their health conditions and help themselves through lifestyle changes. The communication and confidence building elements of our condition management programme help people to engage more effectively with the experts, a skill they can also use when talking to their own GPs and healthcare professionals.

Our wellbeing courses focus on the importance of positive attitudes, goal setting, confidence building, communication and managing change through our 7 Steps to Success life-skills programme. Wellbeing courses have been particularly successful in Wiltshire, commissioned by Wiltshire Public Health and individual GP Practices through their Clinical Commissioning Groups.

Natalie Marshall attended our first Wellbeing course in Tidworth, Wilstshire in 2014. Natalie came to the course with depression and low self-esteem following major surgery. She says that working with Active changed her attitude and made her believe that all things are possible.You can read Natalie’s story here

Sophie Perkins had what she describes as a life changing experience when she attended an Active Plus Wellbeing course in Calne, Wiltshire in the spring of 2015. Sophie was still suffering from severe anxiety and depression, memory loss and limited mobility following a serious head injury early in 2014. She had become reclusive and dependent on her family to take her anywhere. The course turned her life around so much that Sophie’s mum said “I have got my daughter back”.

We are delighted that Sophie came back to see us recently, to inspire and encourage others to take advantage of the opportunities that our Wellbeing Courses bring. Read Sophie’s story here


At the final session of our wellbeing courses, we ask the participants if and how they have benefited. Here is some feedback from the course we ran in Wells in October and November 2015

“The course has helped me to develop a more positive attitude and my case worker has noticed the difference in me. It has helped me to communicate better, especially in sharing my thoughts and ideas with others. I am starting to focus on taking better care of myself.”

“Definitely feel like I’ve benefited. I’ve had to push myself outside my comfort zone. I’ve realised that I have more potential than I have given myself credit for.  I’ve enjoyed working with others and realised I have leadership skills and am a good team player.  It’s been fun and I’ve enjoyed it more than I thought I would. I gained a lot from the Self Care session and 1:1 discussions with Isabella.”

“I’ve found it positive to be part of the course and to work with other people. I’ve learnt new information that will help me with my life. I’ve learnt that I need to share my ideas and suggestions more. 6 weeks has been good but a couple more weeks would have been helpful to progress my learning and improvement.”

“I’m sad that the course is finishing as I’ve really enjoyed it. It has opened my mind up to managing my medication and condition.  It has been good working in a group and learning from each other.”

“I have gained from being with a group and enjoyed the practical activities.  It has made me more relaxed and I have started to think more about myself but the course is too short to make sufficient progress. I think it should be 12 weeks”

“Related to people that I would not have met before.  Solved some practical problems. Confidence improved a bit.”

“More informed about medication and set mind at rest re side effects.  More outgoing. Sense of achievement. Feel happier in myself (lodger has noticed the difference).  More on the ball, think clearly, make better decisions. Problem solving has improved.”

“Have improved my confidence over the course. Already a practising Buddhist and know about much of the information given but the course consolidated and reinforced my knowledge.  This course was the first time I have felt that instructors were on the same level and treated me with compassion.”

“I really benefited from the self care/medicines sessions and the 1:1s – they have made me look at things differently.  I get really bad migraines but I’ve gone onto decaf tea and I’m drinking lots of water and feel better for it”  

“In general, I have more motivation to do things now, for example I’ve been doing stuff in my flat – cleaning, dusting etc, which I don’t normally have the motivation to do.”  

“Coming here has made the difference – the classroom sessions and the way you look at things in life.  I’ve learnt that if you don’t achieve everything, don’t beat yourself up about it”. 

“I’m more proactive e.g. I’ve got one leg longer than the other and I ordered some insoles the other day which I’ve been meaning to do for ages.  I set myself a load of goals on Wednesday and I’ve done them already!”

“My confidence is improved; for example, although I love cycling I wasn’t really doing much before.  Now I am confident to cycle on the roads.  I know that as long as I am obeying the rules and riding well then if someone reacts rudely to me it’s their problem – I wouldn’t have felt like that before.”

“As I have a heart condition I worry when I exercise about feeling breathless but up until now I haven’t done anything about setting my mind at rest but now I’m going to.”