“Everyone came together as a team and we have all learned who to go to if we need help with anything.”

Jeanette Heritage, Mulberry, Somerset

Business Training

Active Plus Business delivers great training that empowers business leaders and their teams to work together more productively.

No textbook can capture the journeys and experiences of our veterans. They take what they’ve learned from the forces and from coping with change to deliver highly engaging team and personal development training for the business world. Imagine delivery of lone worker training by ex-special forces, communication skills by military intelligence, interview techniques by trained negotiators and teamwork by someone who has led squads into and back from battle! Who better to inspire and motivate than people who have experienced working under pressure, overcoming challenges and coping with change, who have volunteered to help others and in doing so have helped themselves.

Focusing on using positive strategies to enable teamwork, motivation, confidence, and communication skills, our instructors tailor their delivery to meet individual business needs. In return, businesses are supporting our military veterans on their own personal journey of recovery from physical injury, post-traumatic stress disorder and transition to civilian life. It’s a win-win situation. A chance for everyone to give something back.

We were delighted to be asked to deliver a session as part of the induction of new recruits at Falmouth Haven on 27th April 2016. Integrating seasonal staff into an established set-up is an important factor in supporting customer service and productivity for this thriving Cornish business. General Manager Barry Buist said:

“The Active Plus military veterans were superb in providing valuable team building exercises and all of our delegates found the training really useful and enjoyable.”

AP and Haven Falmouth-3


On 29th March 2016 we delivered a training session at the world renowned Pendennis Shipyard that brought together senior and junior managers to develop their teamwork, communication and leadership skills. This was the second time we worked with Pendennis Shipyard, with previous sessions focussing on their new intake of apprentices. It was a privilege to deliver for such a committed team of people working within such an important and prestigious local business.