“I am more confident and see more of a future for myself. Now I focus on what I can do, not what I can’t do”

Sarah Nicholls, Active Plus participant, Wiltshire

Health and Wellbeing

Active Plus military veterans work alongside experts in self-care, diet and medicine to equip people to manage their health conditions and help themselves through lifestyle changes. The communication and confidence building elements of our condition management programme help people to engage more effectively with the experts, a skill they can also use when talking to their own GPs and healthcare professionals.

Our wellbeing courses focus on the importance of positive attitudes, goal setting, confidence building, communication and managing change through our 7 Steps to Success life-skills programme. Wellbeing courses have been particularly successful in Wiltshire, commissioned by Wiltshire Public Health and individual GP Practices through their Clinical Commissioning Groups.

Natalie Marshall attended our first Wellbeing course in Tidworth, Wilstshire. Natalie came to the course with depression and low self-esteem following major surgery. She says that working with Active changed her attitude and made her believe that all things are possible.You can read Natalie’s story here

Sophie Perkins had what she describes as a life changing experience when she attended an Active Plus Wellbeing course in Calne, Wiltshire. Sophie was still suffering from severe anxiety and depression, memory loss and limited mobility following a serious head injury. She had become reclusive and dependent on her family to take her anywhere. The course turned her life around so much that Sophie’s mum said “I have got my daughter back”.

We are delighted that Sophie came back to see us recently, to inspire and encourage others to take advantage of the opportunities that our Wellbeing Courses bring. Read Sophie’s story here

Social Prescribing – Active Plus are part of the Public Health England funded, Volunteer Cornwall led Social Prescription Scheme Cornwall Social Prescribing. Working alongside GP’s our Social Prescribing Link Workers work with individuals, connecting them with their local community facilities to improve their wellbeing and tackle social isolation. People will be referred to a Social Prescribing Link Worker by their GP or other health care professional.

The support given will be non-clinical and could include:-

The Social Prescribing Link Worker will:-

Active Plus are part of the Volunteer Cornwall led Social Prescription Scheme and have Social Prescription Link Workers supporting the Helston Medical Centre and Bodriggy Surgery in Hayle.

For referrals or more information email: Henri@activeplus.org.uk (Bodriggy surgery) or India@activeplus.org.uk (Helston Medical Centre)89685867_3001021513293552_7984166825409642496_n


Family Matters: Is part of the Armed Forces Covenant Fund Trust funded Removing Barriers to Family Life programme which aims to support families and carers of veterans to become more linked to each other and to their wider community, to identify and overcome barriers to constructive family life and to build strategies to build positive relationships, resilience and emotional wellbeing.

Our Veterans Family Coach (VFC)will work with families, discussing and assessing needs against; Family relationships and support network, home & school, health & wellbeing, income & employment and vulnerable individuals.

Working together the the VFC and families will develop a plan that links the family into relevant support that already exists in the community and ensure that any barriers to engagement are overcome. Where assessment highlights a vulnerable individual our support partner CLEAR will provide the most appropriate therapy or counselling.

Families will have access to Active Plus courses and activities that build confidence and motivation and generate a sense of achievement, self-worth and belonging. Activities will improve communication skills and challenge families to look at problems differently and develop joint strategies to address them. Families will undertake courses alongside other veterans families in their area – building connections, shared experience and peer support.  Courses and activities will delivered by Active Plus armed forces veterans who will understand and equate to family circumstances and act as inspirational role models for change and success. CLEAR will provide specialist input through healthy relationship and emotional wellbeing sessions as required and courses will be tailored to age range and mix of the group.


Find out more contact: Terrie-Anne, Veterans Family Coach on 07494 056511 email terrieanne@activeplus.org.uk

Or call Louise on 01326 567174  email admin@activeplus.org.uk

A Chief Petty Officer from HMS Richmond, is reunited with his family after a deployment at sea.  Seen here embracing his son and daughter, who were waiting for his return at Her Majesty's Naval Base, Portsmouth (HMNB Portsmouth). HMS Richmond is the seventh Royal Navy ship to proudly bear the name and enjoys strong links to several affiliations in both Richmond upon Thames and Richmond, North Yorkshire. She is a Type 23 Frigate, Duke Class ship based in Portsmouth and Devonport.  The ships were designed to deal with the Soviet submarine threat – but in the 20 years since the fall of Communism, the frigates have proven their versatility by dealing with virtually every mission imaginable in the four corners of the globe.